You know there's more to life. So do we.

A bootcamp for the body, heart, and mind.

Why do we learn so much about the universe and so little about ourselves?

Sleepawake Camp addresses the neglected dimensions of our lives, orienting us toward a sense of wholeness and authentic happiness through science, psychology, game-play, and ancient wisdom.


A living laboratory for well-being.

Young adult participants will experience the extraordinary potential of their lives, mentored by gifted facilitators in this unique four-week program.

A Day at Camp
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Jeff Lieberman and Cat Tweedie

Who's behind Sleepawake?

Experts in everything you never learned in class.

Jeff & Cat, Founders

Every one of your emotions is intelligent. Your body is sending a vast set of signals about your experience and what you want. Your superpower is learning how to read and respond to them.
Catherine Tweedie, CEO

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