About Sleepawake

Sleepawake is a 4-week residential intensive for 18-30 year olds to explore the potent paths to embodied, engaged, and authentic living.

More than just a summer camp

More than just a summer camp, Sleepawake is an emotional immersion program. What’s the best way to gain fluency in a language? Go where it’s spoken. Get ready to dive into emotional language and practice, understand a whole new culture of being in the world, and be held in a safe container filled with peers doing their own inner work.


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Come Alive

You are already perfect, always evolving.

Sleepawake is...

A Boot Camp

You are passionate and curious. You want the most out of life. You want to express yourself fully. You crave real connection. You are ready to value yourself and train the capacities you need. You are ready to experience a whole human fitness that you didn’t know was possible. (You are ready for change, you know the old ways aren’t working, and you need an emotional ass-kicking, but in a great way)

A Laboratory

Move beyond your unconscious conditioned patterns and run experiments with the themes active in your life. The community of fellow students and facilitators will guide you toward practices, questions, and your own inner senses as you test out what it means to be fully yourself. (Fuck around and find out! Get it all wrong and try again, run tests, ask questions, and see what happens.)

A Playground

Use games based in improvisation, theatre, and directed attention to access deeper connection, fullness, and joy in your life. Even as we delve into serious terrain, we remember our playfulness.

Why Sleepawake?

We graduate from high school having learned about history, english, math, and science - but no one ever teaches us how to thrive as a human being. No one ever teaches us about the intelligence of our emotions, about resolving interpersonal conflict, about healthy embodiment, creative self-expression, how to connect to our deepest sense of purpose - and so much more that's needed to be a happy healthy human being.
Lineup of portraits of campers from 2022

Frequently Expressed Curiosities

It's hard understand at first. We know!
Here are some F.A.Q's that can help.

Is Sleepawake a mental wellness retreat?

Well, sort of. Sleepawake focuses on emotional and relational wellness, but does not provide medical care or professional mental health services. We welcome applicants with mental health diagnoses, but use the application process to check that it's a mutual fit.

Is Sleepawake religious?

Sleepawake is not religious. Religion is, of course, welcome.

Are there any strict rules at Sleepawake?

Sleepawake is a substance-free camp, not because we think drugs are outright bad, but because they can alter the way people interact with their internal emotional landscape, often numbing or disconnecting us from ourselves. Sleepawake also uses confidentiality, as it is a container space for the people attending. There are other agreements that we require applicants to accept in order to attend. For more information, feel free to contact us.

How much does Sleepawake Cost?

We don't want financial constraints to be a barrier if this program is a fit for you. The full tuition cost is $7,495 per student. Financial aid is available.

What modality does Sleepawake use?

Sleepawake doesn't use a specific program, modality, or theory of practice. Instead, it uses many! The combined experience of our team allows us to embrace all sorts of practices and use them in tandem.

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