Showing up fully in life means including all aspects of ourselves. Our body, mind and heart are each essential and deeply connected, so Sleepawake Camp offers 6 dimensions of learning so all of your aliveness is invited.

Emotional & Relational Intelligence

Know how to work with your emotions and trust them as deep intelligence; Learn how to connect and communicate more deeply.

It is amazing how little we are taught about what our emotions are telling us and how to listen.  At Sleepawake, we welcome all you are feeling and offer the skills and practice to build confidence navigating everything that arises.
We include topics like holding boundaries, seeing through limiting beliefs, understanding psychological projections, and processing emotions in a healthy way. This track is the backbone of camp and boils down to feeling truly like yourself and perceiving the world ever more clearly.

Mental Maps

Learn how consciousness evolves through life, and how to work with stress patterns in your mind and body.

Roadmaps can be really helpful. Whether it is the stages of adult learning, human cognition development, or a cognitive understanding of the functions of anxiety, fear and anger, roadmaps point the way to practice and eventually, embodied understanding.


Awaken the power and pleasure that lays dormant in your body.

In an age where so much is designed to drive thoughts and trigger emotions, coming back into sensory awareness of your body is a rebellious and non-obvious move. We slow down to build awareness of subtle body sensations, and then learn to listen more deeply to them. We learn how to feel more into our pleasure and feeling of empowerment.

Creative Expression

Sing and dance like everybody’s watching and enjoy your unique way of doing it.

The flow of creativity is always available, as soon as there is no resistance to judgement (others or your own). You may not know what will come out and that might be terrifying, but you'll never get to find out how much fun you could be having unless you allow yourself to play. We explore this with song, movement, and visual art.


Widen your perspective on yourself, your relationship with your thoughts, and the nature of awareness and consciousness.

Self-awareness allows us to be in the dance of life while being aware of what is happening at the same time. When we are able to watch the content of our experience - sensations, thoughts, emotions - without being caught in it, we understand them and ourselves in new ways that free us.

Physical Health

Learn how to feel joyous in your body.

The body's capacity for sensitivity to internal and external information is extraordinary - the body sends over a billion bits of information per second to the brain for processing - but we only appreciate this if we take good care of it and pay attention. The importance of the body's health is foundational to everything else we do, so we dance, do yoga, train our core, eat nourishing food, and focus on sound sleep.

A Day at Camp

How much living can a person fit into one day?
Everything is welcome
Paint, sing, play, throw a tantrum

Wake up a little too early to catch a sunrise
Learn to do a backflip because you live in a body

Cuddle with everyone, be held in your grief
Stretch and meditate, conflict and mediate

Feel the relief of living in an old way
Instead of using your phone to call a friend, 
Your community is with you-
knock on the door of their cabin
Ask for help in the middle of the night, or at breakfast
Do the dishes, say exactly what you think about chores

Play the scariest game you’ve ever played-
the only rule is that you can only say what you don’t want to say

Learn to protect your energy, find your toes in the grass
Have a revelation, move that stuck sunk feeling in your stomach
Take care of that seven year old for a moment

Laugh and cry at the same time
Find the clarity that rage offers
Share a secret
Fail at your experiment
Try again

-Camper, 2022
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