"I've never loved myself more"
"It's like winning the lottery"
I leave Sleepawake much happier, stronger, more lighthearted, energized, excited for life, and much much more capable.
-Adi, 2023
Sleepawake is the place that most welcomes me being exactly where I am. There is space for everything.
-Ethan, 2023
I will be harvesting the seeds that were planted and watered at Sleepawake for years to come.
-Jenna, 2023
I found a community that supported me in ways I didn't know were possible. All the while the facilitators and their genius games taught me more about my emotions than years of study.
-Anonymous, 2023
I came in with little sense of self or unconditional love and I left with my clear essence that connected to the depths of the earth and love that has started to seep into every crevice of my body.
-Anonymous, 2023
I don't need to hide myself anymore.
-Conall, 2023
I feel more prepared to clearly communicate my feelings and opinions with those close to me, and to hold boundaries as well.
-Noah, 2023
This program has the potential to be the most transformational thing I've experienced in my 25 years of life. I'm still in awe/disbelief of the sheer beauty, intensity, and generosity of Sleepawake.
-Anonymous, 2023
"The best experience of my life"
My decade-long fight with depression and anxiety was transformed into richness and curiosity.
Mira, 2022
I had never experienced an environment of strangers where I felt so held.
Meredith, Camper

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"I've been waiting my entire life for this camp to happen. There are few shifts more profound than to go from being suspicious of your every thought and feeling to having a deep trust of yourself. I feel tremendously more confident about everything in my life... my relationships, my work, my emotions, etc. I've gone from anxiously waiting for whatever is around the corner to striving confidently into each new challenge."
Two men sitting facing each other in connection.
Sleepawake is an opportunity to finally live more fully. This is the pathway to an embodied, meaningful life. I have never felt so free.
Katie, 2022

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