"I've never loved myself more"
"The best experience of my life"
I had never experienced an environment of strangers where I felt so held.
Meredith, Camper

Still on the fence?

My decade-long fight with depression and anxiety was transformed into richness and curiosity.
Mira, Camper


"I've been waiting my entire life for this camp to happen. There are few shifts more profound than to go from being suspicious of your every thought and feeling to having a deep trust of yourself. I feel tremendously more confident about everything in my life... my relationships, my work, my emotions, etc. I've gone from anxiously waiting for whatever is around the corner to striving confidently into each new challenge."
Two men sitting facing each other in connection.
Sleepawake is an opportunity to finally live more fully. This is the pathway to an embodied, meaningful life. I have never felt so free.
Katie, Camper

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