Ready to try out a new way of living?

We’re looking for an intrepid bunch to test and invent approaches to aliveness so we can move toward a world in which deep well-being is normal.

We are looking for forty 18-30 year olds with the following qualities:

The cost of Sleepawake Camp is $7,495 + airfare. We endeavor for finances not to be the limiting factor if the program is a good fit and offer need-based scholarships.

If your written + video application feels like a fit, we will contact you for a follow-up video interview so we can get to know you better. If accepted, there will be some reading and behavior tracking (such as journaling and well-being surveys) that will be expected before the program begins. In the 6-12 months after the program there will be several calls and surveys to support integration into daily life.

We don't want financial constraints to be a barrier if this program is a fit for you. We offer a sliding scale with full tuition costing $7,495. We have spots remaining, admissions are first come, first serve.

Find out what's possible.

Sleepawake Camp 2024 will be held June 16th- July 15th, 2024 in Litchfield, Connecticut.

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Frequently Expressed Curiosities

It's hard to explain it all on one page!
Here are some F.A.Q's that can help.

Is Sleepawake a mental wellness retreat?

Well, sort of. Sleepawake focuses on emotional and relational wellness, but does not provide medical care or professional mental health services. We welcome applicants with mental health diagnoses, but use the application process to check that it's a mutual fit.

Is Sleepawake religious?

Sleepawake is not religious. Religion is, of course, welcome.

Are there any strict rules at Sleepawake?

Sleepawake is a substance-free camp, not because we think drugs are outright bad, but because they can alter the way people interact with their internal emotional landscape, often numbing or disconnecting us from ourselves. Sleepawake also uses confidentiality, as it is a container space for the people attending. There are other agreements that we require applicants to accept in order to attend. For more information, feel free to contact us.

How much does Sleepawake Cost?

We don't want financial constraints to be a barrier if this program is a fit for you. The full tuition cost is $7,495 per student. Financial aid is available.

What modality does Sleepawake use?

Sleepawake doesn't use a specific program, modality, or theory of practice. Instead, it uses many! The combined experience of our team allows us to embrace all sorts of practices and use them in tandem.