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"Who didn’t have a dramatic impact? Everyone did or said something that changed my life." - Mira, Camper

Sleepawake Camp was founded in 2021 by Jeff Lieberman and Cat Tweedie who began their friendship twenty years before while college students at MIT.  Their friendship, based in supporting each other’s journeys to ever deeper clarity, has seeded a growing community inspired to address the epidemic of searing loneliness among young people.  Their deep hope is for all of us to live deeply aligned with our heart’s longings and nourished by a web of rich, authentic relationships.

Jeff Lieberman, MSx2

Creative Director

Emotional artist, physicist, lead facilitator

Catherine Tweedie, PHD

CEO + Facilitator

Inner worker, energetic teacher, lioness

Katrina (Katara) Uychaco


Love devotee, relational nerd, emotional truthteller

Danjo Paluska

Production + Creativity

Problem solver, connector, holder of absolute wonder

Nate Ball

Entrepreneurship + Core

Inspired inventor, kind entrepreneur, athletic guide

Darlene Tataryn

Wisdom tradition holder

Expressive therapist, sage, Zen priest

Doug Tataryn

Wisdom tradition holder

Psychologist, emotional genius, explorer of consciousness

Terry Ford

Nutrition + Cooking

Nutritional guru and expert chef, gardener, herbalist

Michael Mojica

Embodiment + Relationship

Somatic healer and attachment specialist

Troy Marjenhoff


Playful yoga teacher who wants you to ditch the rules

Brinn Langdale

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Life-long healer and inner worker

Sarah Cruse

Creative Expression, Sound Medicine

Musician, healer, and truth teller

Candace Sauvé

Emotional + Relational Expert

Neuro-somatic coach, healing nerd

We are grateful for the expertise and embodied wisdom of our advisory board:

Amy Fox

Collective transformation

Leadership strategist, psychologist, trauma worker

Winslow Strong

Future of Personal Growth

Physicist, mathematician, student of the universe

JoAnn Lovascio


Energetics therapist, somatic psychologist, lover of existence

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